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project topics in mining



  • CSE 722 Selected Topics in Data Mining

    February 6: Suggested project topics are uploaded Project proposal is due Februray 20 January 30: Course schedule is updated with presenter and reviewer nam January 24: Link to register paper to present and to review has been.

  • maui-indexer - Maui - Multi-purpose automatic topic indexing ,

    Project Information Project feeds , Summary Maui automatically identifies main topics in text documents Depending on the task, topics are tags, keywords, keyphrases, vocabulary terms, descriptors, index terms or titles of Wikipedia articl

  • Web mining projects ideas in java dotnet |ieee 2014 projects ideas ,

    UNIQ Technologies is the best project centre in Chennai, UNIQ Technologies offers IEEE 2014 Final Year projects for Engineering students in , Web mining, an application of data mining is the process of discovering patterns from the web

  • INFS 795 - Special Topics in Data Mining Applications

    INFS 755 or equivalent Some programming skills required for the final project Textbook (optional): Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, 2nd Edition, Morgan Kauffmann Publishers, March 2006 ISBN 1-55860-901-6 Course Description:

  • Text Mining as a Method of Analyzing Health Questions in Social Q&A

    ABSTRACT This poster introduces a work-in progress project focusing on text mining of health-related questions that people post in social Q&A which they obtain and share information, advice, and experienc 69,363 of health questions.

  • Final Project Showcase // 15-799 :: Advanced Topics in Database ,

    15-799 :: Advanced Topics in Database Systems, , In this project, we employed a two-pronged approach to Redis: (i) data-mapping and (ii) data-compression Our results show that there is , Graph Mining on Big Data Systems Students: Rui.

  • Our research priorities | School of Mining Engineering

    The School of Mining Engineering is recognised world-wide as being a leader in minerals research , learning and teaching, the School of Mining Engineering is a leader in international collaborative research projects.

  • PPT – Special Topics in Data Mining Applications Focus on: Text ,

    PPT – Special Topics in Data Mining Applications Focus on: Text Mining PowerPoint presentation | free to download , March 10 Project proposal due; March 24 Midterm Exam; March 31 Students presentations start; May 12 Paper on the.

  • CS 239 Data Science in Software Engineering-- Current Topics in ,

    The topics include: , Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes, Zimmermann et al , The goal of this project is to gain hands on experience by re-implementing, re-producing, and combining the ideas of research papers that we.

  • Course-Web Mining Project (5944P) - NBViewer - IPython

    **Web mining** is the use of data mining techniques to automatically discover and extract information from Web documents/services (Etzioni, , So in order to master the subject, you need to conduct a web mining project on predefined topics

  • BTech in Mining Engineering Project Names and Ideas

    BTech in Mining Engineering is a 4 year graduate course in which the candidates have to do a project in the final year Final year Project Names and Ideas Development of model for assessment of blast induced damage - The project deals.

  • Mining: Sector Results Profile - World Bank

    The World Bank has supported 41 mining sector reform (technical assistance) projects in 24 countries since 1988 , Countries, communities, and companies face tough questions about opportunities and risks as they develop.

  • Course Project CS 6501: Text Mining

    The course project is to give the students hands-on experience on solving some novel text mining problems The project thus , Keep in mind, you are required to address the above questions in your project proposal and final report

  • Small-Scale Mining: Oil, Gas, and Mining Unit

    Key Topics in Mining >Small-Scale Mining , Artisanal or Small-Scale Mining is largely a poverty driven activity, typically practiced in the poorest and most remote rural areas of a country , policy guidelines, providing advice, disseminating best practices and experiences, raising funds and project/program implementation

  • CS 7280: Special Topics in Data (Mining Information/Social Networks)

    CS 7280: Special Topics in Data (Mining Information/Social Networks) Instructor: Yizhou Sun , data using these techniqu The students are expected to read and present research papers, and work on a research project related to this topic

  • Bachelor of Mining Engineering - Atlantic International University

    Bachelor of Mining Engineering, distance learning degree programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level , Important: Below is an example of the topics or areas you may develop and work on during your studi By no means is it a complete or , Research Project in Mining Engineering: Bachelor.

  • Data Mining Solutions - MSDN - Microsoft

    A data mining solution is an Analysis Services solution that contains one or more data mining projects , The topics in this section provide information about how to design and implement an integrated data mining solution by using SQL Server.

  • Advanced Topics in Mine Water Management CMS Project - DRAFT ,

    Mine Water Management Strategy and Planning Report Company Policy Statement The Nada Mining Company seeks to develop its mineral resources while using the best technologies and strategies available to minimize.

  • Queen's University : Mining Engineering

    Topics to be covered include: mining methods, rock breakage, ground stability, ventilation, materials handling, mineral beneficiation and economic and , Advanced mineral project evaluation and mining company valuation and administration


    A REVIEW ABOUT MINING IN INDONESIA SPECIAL TOPICS IN MINING II PROJECT Chairul Salam 505 122 004 MINING ENGINEERING PhD Student Department of Mining Engineering Instructor : Prof Dr Orhan Kural Advisor : Dr

  • Advanced Topics in Mine Water Management CMS Project - DRAFT ,

    Mine Water Management Strategy and Planning Report Company Policy Statement The Nada Mining Company seeks to develop its mineral resources while using the best technologies and strategies available to minimize.

  • Mining Mining Courses - Inside Mines - Colorado School of Mines

    INTRODUCTORY MINING (I, II) Survey of mining and mining economics Topics include mining law, exploration and reserve estimation, project evaluation, basic unit operations, sustainability and lifecycle engineering in mining, introduction to.

  • Mining 2014 - Latin Lawyer

    Select questions to view below or simply select jurisdictions above before searching , What types of duties, royalties and taxes mustbe paid by the mining project company as a condition to obtaining or continuinga mining concession?

  • Stanford CS341: Project in Mining Massive Data Sets - SNAP

    Course information: CS341 (Project in Mining Massive Data Sets) is a project-focused advanced class with access to a large MapReduce cluster This course is the second part in a two part sequence CS246/CS341 replacing CS345A: Data.

  • CS 685: Special Topics in Data Mining Syllabus With the ,

    CS 685: Special Topics in Data Mining Syllabus , Data mining is the process of automatic discovery of patterns, changes, associations and anomalies in , Students are also expected to finish a project on selected topics There will be 4-6.

  • CS598CXZ Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval

    Guidelines and Schedule for the course project presentation are now available The due date for , The application of IR research also goes beyond search engines to text data mining, and intelligent information systems in general The goal of.

  • GEOLOGY HONOURS - University of the Witwatersrand

    Oral presentations and continuous assessments relating to the Honours Project will count 40% of the final Honours project mark Note: , The course consists of 5 Geoscience topics, 3 Mining topics and a compulsory Honours Project

  • Mining the Dispatch - Digital Scholarship Lab - University of Richmond

    Topics I've begun this project by generating a topic model for the Dispatch with forty topics Below are most of those topics (Three topics are excluded, all of which struck me as less than substantive: one consisted of a articles that listed lots of.

  • Selected Privacy Research Topics in the ARES Project , - Springer

    The topics covered here relate to privacy in databases: user privacy (ie query profile privacy), respondent privacy (ie data anonymization) and anti-discrimination protection in data mining JA Manjón (B) J Domingo-Ferrer Department of.

  • Selected Topics in Graph Mining - Data and Web Science Group

    Graphs are are widely used representations for structured data, including web data, social data, biological data, and knowledge bas This seminar studies graph-mining methods and systems, which aim to discover and extract useful.

  • Re: PhD project in data mining - Forum

    Hi I'm a student I want to do a PhD in data mining but i don't know which topic is interesting Could you recommend me research topics about data mining? I have heard of doing decision tree but i think that it is too simple

  • Ideas for Projects - Department of Statistics

    Ideas for Projects 1 Bayesian Data Mining – finding interestingly large counts in massive tabl DuMouchel, W (1999) Bayesian data mining in large frequency tables, with an application to the FDA spontaneous reporting systems American.

  • Data Mining: Student Projects | Galit Shmueli

    Title, Categories, Students, University, Year, Presentation.

  • Hot Topics in Mining Litigation - Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt

    Recent Canadian and international trends point to signs of an increasingly litigious mining industry and an , Mesa in connection with a mining project in a remote area of Ecuador, disclosed no reasonable cause of action

  • ECT 584 - Web Data Mining - Project - DePaul University

    More details on and examples of different project types are provided below Research Papers Research papers involve doing an in-depth study, survey, or evaluation of one or more topics related to Web data mining A research paper may.


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