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the first gun mill



  • Old Gun Mill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Old Gun Mill, also referred to as "Colt Gun Mill", is a notable historic mill in Paterson, New Jersey where the Colt revolver was first produced in the 1830s, and where John Ryle produced and manufactured silk for the first time in the United.

  • Samuel Colt Gun Mill - Great Falls

    In 1836, the Colt Gun Mill, a magnificent four-story brownstone building, was built on an area directly below the waterfalls Here, Colt first manufactured his newly patented repeating firearm, the revolver, with mother of pearl handles, which.

  • Allied Textile Printers (Colt Gun Mill) - Paterson, NJ A History

    The first silk processing in Paterson also took place in this structure In the 1840s, as the demand for silk grew, the mill was expanded by the addition of three new buildings The gun factory closed in 1842 and the premises was devoted to.


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