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an abstract on the contribution of the mining industry to economic growth in zambia



  • Title Unlocking the Potential of Zambian Micro, Small and , - ARRIDE

    Abstract This paper examines the SMEs performance in Zambia and attempts to identify some practical lessons that Zambia can learn from Southeast Asian countries (with reference to , SMEs sector Malaysia and Zambia were at the same level of economic development as evidenced by similar per capita , focus on unlocking the potential of these SMEs so that they contribute meaningfully to , surprising figures as we expected more investments in the mining sector considering the

  • MUSHILI, C CHIBUYE0001 - The Copperbelt University

    STABILITY ON THE GROWTH OF N ON- TRADITION , provided thoughtful and invaluable advise that contributed significantly to the , ABSTRACT Zambia's economic performance has been centered around mining and export of copper , exports defined as industrial products, here redefined as any non-raw copper iv.

  • Spill-Overs of a Resource Boom - OxCarre - University of Oxford

    Abstract Do local populations benefit from resource booms? How strong are market linkages between the mining sector and the regional economy? This paper , mining sector: a 10% increase in constituency-level copper output is associated with a 2% increase in , mine activity Investigating market linkages between the mining industry and the regional economy within , the Zambian copper boom, the closest contribution is Wilson's (2012) analysis of boom-induced chang

  • Role of Copper in Chile and Zambia - Global Development Network

    Abstract Chile and Zambia both have abundant copper deposits The availability of natural resources (NR) in general - and copper in , It is not the case that a country's economic growth and exchange rate depend exclusively on what.

  • The Role of Agriculture in Development - International Food Policy ,

    Summary This report provides a nuanced perspective on debates about the potential for Africa's smallholder agriculture to stimulate growth and alleviate poverty in an , with growth in the nonagricultural sector, can contribute significantly to growth and poverty , economic development as a growth process requiring the systematic reallocation of factors of , mine the poverty-reducing effects of other

  • Repetto Mining Report - Yale School of Forestry & Environmental ,

    abstract Interest in forest certification as a means of promoting sustainable forest management arrived in Zambia in the , Zambia's forest sector is confronted with both ecological and economic challeng , contribution of forestry to GDP, despite its significant resource endowment, is the key , companies to seek certification were involved in rural development and the use of , try, especially the min

  • Factors that lead to a successful TQM implementation: a , - Theseus

    tion on the operational and organizational performance of the Zambian tourism industry For , TOURISM INDUSTRY'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE ECONOMY , SUMMARY OF THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK , increase productivity, increase market share and customer satisfaction (Deming ‐ Evans and , economy was heavily dependent on the mining industry that produced copper and cobalt, of

  • Global Financial Crisis Discussion Series - Overseas Development ,

    Abstract This study explores the impact of the global financial crisis on Zambia through its effects on trade, foreign direct , The mining sector experienced unprecedented growth between 2000 and 2008, with its contribution to GDP.

  • Contents of the Community Development Toolkit and , - esmap

    Zambia Trade and Investment Enhancement Project, Zambia), and , International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association LNG Liquefied , in 2002) and Women in Mining (Madang in 2003 and 2005) , mineral development that contribute to sustainable ,, Example Summary Table of Impacts

  • Cursed by resources, institutions or multi-nationals - School of ,

    RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MNMCs AND ECONOMIC GROWTH AND POVERTY IN ZAMBIA, AND HOW SIGNIFICANT HAS THIS CONTRIBUTION , Abstract This dissertation uses a qualitative case study to investigate the relationship between MNMCs, growth and poverty in Zambia and studies the ways in and , ownership in the mining sector do make a difference to growth and poverty reduction

  • Managing the water quality of the Kafue River

    Advocacy for Environmental Restoration Zambia, PO Box FW 109, Lusaka, Zambia Abstract Most vital surface water bodies in developing countries are under , all sectors of economical development in Zambia that include mining, industrial and agricultural , tivities, industries equally contribute polluted effluent to

  • african industrial development – beyond impasse: the , - codesria

    Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to examine critically the importance, performance and underweighting of the industrial sector in , of agriculture and mining in Africa at the expense of industrial development even in the , manufacturing contribution to GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa has been stagnant at about 17

  • Local communities and health disaster management in the mining ,

    Abstract Mining activities throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have impacted on the health and safety of , Despite the economic contribution of mining to surrounding communities, a huge amount of social and , In this regard, mining companies have, on the one hand, contributed toward improved social development by , Freek Cronjé, Bench Marks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), North-West University, South Africa

  • Behind the Economic Figures: Large-scale Mining and Rural ,

    Kingsley Haanyembe Cheelo 2008 ABSTRACT Mining is promoted as a lead-economic sector in most mineral-rich countri , Zambia as a mineral-rich country adapted the linkages between mining and poverty reduction and promoted the development of Kansanshi , BACKGROUND TO THE ISSUE: LARGE-SCALE MINING AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO MACRO AND MICRO DEVELOPMENT

  • Environmental Protection and Economic Development in Zambia

    , and Economic Development in Zambia BERTHA Z OSEI-HWEDIE * ABSTRACT The 19805 saw a revitalised global realisation of the crucial interrelationship , to rapid industrial development and Zambia's dependence on the copper industry , Zambia experienced rapid industrial growth through the establish- , mining industry as the lead sector in the economy because government still accords

  • an assessment of tourism related laws in promoting af avourable ,

    ABSTRACT The Zambian economy has since independence largely relied on the mining industry to drive the economy However , of the core sectors identified to push for Zambia's economic growth as the country seeks to diversify its economy , indirect contributions to the completion of this paper God richly bless you

  • wildlife conservation in zambia impact of game , - CiteSeer

    ABSTRACT WILDLIFE CONSERVATION IN ZAMBIA IMPACT OF GAME MANAGEMENT AREAS ON WELFARE By , possible Firstly, I would like to thank the Agriculture Food and Research Economics , rapid expansion of the mining industry boosted by an increase in international prices, and growth , businesses and poor people, so that tourism's contribution to poverty reduction is

  • Working Paper No 22 Abstract - Brookings Institution

    work, and non-metallic mineral products Nevertheless , Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) on industrial development in Africa Outputs in , AGI-Brookings is grateful for the contribution of an anonymous donor for funding its work under the

  • The Political Economy of Zambia's Recovery - International Food ,

    ABSTRACT During the last decade, the resurgence in economic growth in Africa south of the Sahara has generated an , his campaigns to Zambia's major cities, especially Lusaka, where rapid urbanization had contributed to , heavily criticized the MMD's mining policy, particularly the low taxes paid by mining compani

  • report on the privatisation of zambia consolidated copper mines by ,

    ABSTRACT This report is on a case study on the privatization of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) The study reviews , It also looks at the development of the mining industry in Zambia, the , Zambia's economy hinges on the copper mining industry and represents the major source , c) How inflow of mineral rents can contribute towards sustainable development in Zambia

  • sa-construction-december-2013 - PwC South Africa

    Executive summary 02 2 The South , industry 1Executive summary , Our findings are based on the financial results of the top 10 construction companies by ,, Inadequate infrastructure is one of the key factors restraining development of the Zambian mining industry The World , sector can make an important contribution in delivering the infrastructure needs of the Zambian mining sector However.

  • Gold Mining in Africa-Maximizing Economic Returns for Countries

    Abstract This paper investigates the maximization of economic returns from mining for African countri We focus on gold mining, a , sufficient condition for the gold mining sector to contribute positively to development in the region Without.

  • 1 Contribution of dry forests to rural livelihoods and the national ,

    A wide range of wild foods are common in rural diets, providing essential vitamins and minerals; more than ten leafy vegetable , Zambia 1 Senior Research Fellow, University of Malawi, Center for Agricultural Research and Development, Bunda College of , In general, the forestry sector contributes significantly to both national and rural economy in Zambia ,, 4 Summary and Conclusions Forests provide important sources of livelihood income for rural people, and provide safety.

  • Download Laura Spilsbury's paper - School of Politics and ,

    Investment towards Development for Zambians? Laura Spilsbury Abstract Zambia's present Human Development Index stands in , has contributed to economic growth for Zambia, up until 2011 the benefits accrued only to an , look at the copper mining industry, analysing its transformation from a nationalised economy.

  • The role of zambian cattle populations in socio-economic development

    Abstract The role of Zambian cattle in socio-economic development is addressed, constraints are identified and measures aimed at improving their economic viability are outlined It is argued that , The gap between demand and supply is narrowed by import and donations mainly from the EEC , The role of cattle in the commercial sector dates back to the colonial era when the colonial master realized the importance of milk and meat in servicing the labor force in the mining Industry

  • Working_paper_09-13rdoc - NCCR Trade Regulation

    The implications of mine ownership for the management of the boom: a comparative analysis of Zambia and Chile , the existence of a state-owned enterprise for copper has greatly contributed to the positive economic performance in Chile , In the two countries, the type of mine ownership differs greatly, with a large public sector in Chile and an almost , Whether a larger private ownership results in an increase in the fiscal revenues or not depends on the totality of these chang

  • Approaches to sustainable minerals development in Zambia

    Abstract Zambia is a land-locked country occupying an area of 752 614 km2, with the geology dominated by Archaean to , Issues such as a lack of capital investment led to privatization of the Zambian large-scale mining industry , For many years, copper mining has supported the social and economic development of Zambia, accounting for around 90% of , issues that have contributed to decline in sustainable development of the mineral industry in Zambia and highlights initiatives,.

  • Download PDF - CommDev

    The Contribution of the Mining Sector to Socioeconomic and Human Development , Executive Summary vi , Africa Moreover, even in the highly diversified economies of China, India, and especially Brazil, mining and industries linked to.

  • The road to pro-poor growth in Zambia: past , - AgEcon Search

    ABSTRACT Zambia is one of the poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Almost three- quarters of the population , the relationship between the structure of growth and Zambia's evolving political economy A strong urban-bias has , The establishment of the mining industry began when large copper deposits , GDP of around ten percent meant that its contribution to growth remained low at 07%

  • Text file (1627Kb) - World Bank Open Knowledge Repository

    87298 Extractive Industries for Development Series #30 April 2014 The Contribution of the Mining Sector to , of the Mining Sector to Socioeconomic and Human Development Abstract Many low- and middle-income mineral-rich countries , This sustained strong economic performance goes against the accepted wis- dom that even though the mining sector, like , Botswana, the most mineral-dependent country in Sub-Saharan Africa, has been one of the fastest-growing countries in.

  • An empirical investigation of mining and sustainable development

    Division of Economics and Business Colorado School of Min Golden, Colorado August 2004 ABSTRACT The definition , and positive local and regional development impacts, many economies with a large mining industry , Using the country listing in Table 1 of Ross (2001), I specify Botswana, Sierra Leone, Zambia.

  • International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research ,

    ABSTRACT Access to credit is critical to businesses and individuals This is because access to financing is crucial to their , In Zambia, productive sectors, which are vital to economic development, face-increasing , The contribution of leasing to total US equipment finance market recorded 468 percent , agricultural sector would provide more leasing opportunities than the construction and mining

  • An Assessment of the Economic, Social and Environmental , - lumes

    ABSTRACT The mining and mineral industry as sources of primary export income plays an important role in the economic , This study assesses the impacts of copper mining in Zambia, a country which is highly dependent on copper for foreign , revenues from copper mining is externalized and consequently makes very minimal contribution to the local economy , Key Words: Copper mining; Mineral industry; Economic development; Environment; Social impacts;

  • The contribution of the mining sector to , - ResearchGate

    Department of Environmental Economics and Environmental Management, University of York, Heslington, York YO1 5DD, UK Received , Abstract Does the mining sector contribute to, or detract from, the achievement of sustainable development in developing countries? , Harvey (1974) on copper in Zambia, and Killick

  • agricultural policies and food security of smallholder farmers in zambia

    ABSTRACT This article explores the food security of Zambian small-scale farmers by reviewing , production by smallholder farmers could contribute both to rural growth (through consumption, labor , Food security, economic growth, and social protection ,, The Role of agriculture and mining in sustaining growth and


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